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Cornell University


The McCormick Teaching Excellence Institute (MTEI) is dedicated to fostering teaching excellence throughout the College of Engineering and the Bowers College of Computing and Information Science. Our mission is to provide faculty with innovative, evidence-based teaching strategies. We offer many services in support of that mission:

  • Individual consultations on issues of concern in a course
  • Collaboration on course improvement
  • Grants for evidence-based redesign of courses
  • Group workshops on teaching topics
  • Assistance with education and outreach components of grant proposals
  • Newsletters with teaching tips
  • Formative assessment of courses through midterm evaluations
  • Feedback on classroom design and renovation

When working with faculty, we focus both on improving the student learning experience, and on streamlining faculty effort. Teaching improvements need not be accompanied by increased faculty workload — they can actually make courses more time-efficient (and fun) to teach.

To get started with any of the above, contact us.