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Cornell University

Engineering Computer Labs

There are three computer labs in Engineering: Upson 225, Phillips 318, and Carpenter 104 (blue). Each computer is loaded with a standard software. Lab support is provided through ITSG.

Computer Lab Schedules

Schedules are posted outside the labs and online. Those schedules are updated several times a semester, but not dynamically, so events may have been added that reduce open lab hours time. The schedule for Upson 225 on the monitor next to the west door is updated dynamically and should have current information.

Computer Lab Descriptions

  • Upson 225 seats 51 and has a projector and screen for the instructor and a teaching station. There is a printer.
  • Phillips 318 seats 44, though the back row faces away from the instructor. It has a teaching station, but it has neither a projector nor screen. There is an additional monitor per pair of students where the instructor can push content such as what would normally be displayed on a screen. There is a printer.
  • Carpenter 104 seats 32, though the last row faces away from the instructor. There is a projector and screen and teaching station. The printer is outside in the library.
  • Remote Labs provide a virtual environment using Remote Desktop. You and your students use your own computers to remotely connect to a lab computer.

Request a Computer Lab

You may reserve a computer lab. The process depends on your intended usage of the lab.

Reserve for Course Meetings

The computer labs can be requested for pre-booking for course meetings, such as LAB or DIS components. Follow the

Computer labs can also be requested for courses through the normal bulk scheduling.

Additional course requests that miss pre-booking and bulk scheduling can be requested through Scheduling@Cornell.

Reserve for Office Hours

Once courses have been scheduled through bulk scheduling, computer labs may be reserved for office hours for courses where the students need to use a computer to do their work. Priority is given to courses where students need special software that is available in the labs. Make the reservation request through Scheduling@Cornell.

Reserve for an Event

Computer labs can also be booked for specific events that need computers at the student stations. Please note that requests to book just for the room in Upson without a need for computers will be denied. Make the reservation request through Scheduling@Cornell.

Studying in a computer lab

The computer labs are open from 6 AM to 2 AM seven days a week during the semester. Students may work at the computers when the room is not reserved and if a station is available. The schedule of open lab times outside each lab is approximate, as an event may have been scheduled after the schedule was posted. The schedule on the small monitor outside Upson 225 will be most accurate for Upson 225 only, as it is updated automatically as the room is booked.

Reporting a Problem in a Computer Lab

If you find a computer that is broken, missing a component, or has any other issue, please report it, so that it can be serviced as quickly as possible. To report the issue, follow the Where To Get Help instructions, which apply to computer labs as well as classrooms.

Request Software for a Computer Lab

To request installation of software on lab computers for a course, submit a COECIS ITSG ticket or email your request to (which will create a ticket). ITSG does not pay for licenses for software requests, but will load software for which the course has already obtained a license.