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Cornell University

Classroom Support

If your class is in progress and you need immediate IT or A/V help:

* Bard, Carpenter, Gates, Hollister, Kimball, Olin, Phillips, Snee, Thurston, and Upson Halls.

Do you need A/V instructions for a classroom? Need IT, A/V, or facilities support with your Engineering or Bowers CIS classroom? Or for a classroom elsewhere on campus? Do you need additional equipment for your class?

A/V Instructions

Not sure how to work the A/V equipment in your classroom? See the classroom instructions posted near the podium or A/V equipment in each Engineering/CIS classroom.

Have an A/V issue, or need training? Follow the Where to Get Help instructions.

Where to Get Support — Inside Engineering/CIS

If your classroom or computer lab is in Engineering or Bowers CIS space —that is, in Bard, Carpenter, Gates, Hollister, Kimball, Olin, Phillips, Snee, Thurston, or Upson— get help as follows:

Where to Get Support — Outside Engineering/CIS

For all classrooms outside Engineering and Bowers CIS, classroom technology support is provided through the college that “owns” the room. See the classroom technology support information for contacting the appropriate support for your classroom. Engineering ITSG will provide backup support if needed, especially if there is an issue with your computer.

Additional Classroom Equipment

Is your classroom missing a piece of equipment that you need? MTEI maintains a library of classroom technology to loan out for use in classrooms.