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Classroom Ownership Categories

Classrooms are managed, supported, and scheduled differently depending on who owns the room. There are three categories of classrooms in Engineering:

  1. R25 classrooms
  2. Locally controlled classrooms
  3. Purely locally controlled rooms

R25 Classrooms

R25 classrooms are centrally scheduled and managed. Most classrooms fall into this category.

These R25 classrooms come in various sizes and configurations to support a wide variety of teaching approaches and class sizes. There are large lecture halls with fixed seating, smaller lecture halls with fixed seating, smaller rooms with tables and chairs, active learning rooms with more flexible seating, design classrooms and distance learning enabled classrooms. R25 classrooms are scheduled in bulk. Schedules for these rooms show in Scheduling@Cornell and requests can be sent using this scheduling system.

See the list of Engineering R25 classrooms. Learn how to schedule an R25 classroom.

Locally Controlled Classrooms

Locally controlled classrooms are managed by a department or local group, but requested through the central scheduling system. These rooms are often specialized rooms that a particular department “owns” and has adapted for departmental teaching needs. Departments schedule their own classes in these rooms. Occasionally, space can be shared in one of these rooms by special permission. Schedules for these rooms show in Scheduling@Cornell and requests can be sent using this scheduling system.

  • Hollister 162 and 366 are distance learning enabled CEE classrooms.
  • Olin Hall 245 is controlled by CBE.
  • Rhodes 253 is Sysen’s distance learning classroom.
  • Rhodes 571 is ORIE’s computer lab.
  • Physical Sciences 120 is an AEP classroom, as is a room in Clark that is to-be-announced.
  • Weill 224 (and another to-be-announced room) are BME seminar rooms that sometimes hold BME classes.
  • Upson 225, Phillips 318 and Carpenter 104 are computer labs managed by the Engineering college and supported jointly by MTEI and ITSG.

Purely Locally Controlled Rooms

Purely locally controlled rooms are not part of any central system or scheduling. These might be conference rooms that are sometimes used as small classrooms. Laboratory space for courses may be in this category. Information on these rooms and how to schedule them would need to be obtained from individual departments. These rooms are generally restricted to department use only.