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Classroom Pre-Booking Request

Do you want to request a special-purpose Engineering classroom for weekly course meetings that are published in the course roster, such as lectures and discussion sections? You’re in the right place. Fill out the form below. Special-purpose classrooms include those with distance learning equipment, lecture recording capability, active learning tables, secondary projectors, document cameras, and/or side white boards. The available classroom equipment varies by room.

Do you want to reserve an Engineering classroom for any other kind of event, including office hours, exam reviews, and study sessions? This isn’t the page you’re looking for. Use Cornell’s event scheduler instead. Please do not fill out the form below for events.

Pre-Booking Process

  1. Submit the pre-booking request form below. All requests submitted by the priority deadline set by the Engineering Registrar’s office will be considered equally. For competing requests, which is common, instructional needs and alternative possibilities will be discussed with the instructor/department. The priority deadline to request rooms for Fall 2024 is March 18th, 2024. Pre-booking requests submitted after the priority date but before pre-enroll will be considered on a space-available basis.
  2. Departments will be notified before pre-enroll of pre-booking placements, and of pre-booking requests that could not be met. Departments are responsible for double checking that the pre-booking placements (time and days) match the meeting times that students will see in the course roster during pre-enrollment. If there is a mismatch, the pre-booking cannot proceed, so it is to the department’s benefit to detect the mismatch and resolve it as soon as possible.
  3. After pre-enroll closes, the Engineering Registrar will enter the pre-bookings into the scheduling system. Late pre-booking requests will continue to be considered on a space-available basis.
  4. The University Register will bulk-schedule all classes and post classroom assignments. Note that the University Registrar can override pre-bookings. This can happen, for example, if enrollment does not match room size, or a higher-priority room assignment must be made. The Engineering Registrar and MTEI try to decrease the likelihood of overrides by careful pre-booking placements. You can help by setting realistic room size requests.
  5. After classroom assignments are posted, instructors are responsible for checking that their assigned classroom (which might or might not be what was requested through pre-booking) will work for the instructional needs of the course. If there is an issue, the instructor should request a room swap ASAP through their department course coordinator — not through this form.

Pre-booking Request Form

If you need to submit bulk requests for multiple DIS or LAB meetings, you may fill out the bulk pre-booking request spreadsheet instead of completing the form below many times. Email the completed spreadsheet to Please download the spreadsheet anew each semester, as it may have changed since last semester.

For multiple LEC meetings, please do fill out the form below once per meeting. You can refresh the page to begin a new form submission.

If you are teaching an Ithaca-based CS, INFO, BTRY, or STSCI course, do not fill out the pre-booking form. Instead fill out this form with your classroom request.

Classroom Pre-booking Request
This person will be the point of contact for this request.
E.g. SP24, or FA25
E.g. ENGRD 2110
E.g. Lec 001, Lec 002, Sem 101, Dis 201, Dis 202, Lab 401
As listed in the Courses of Study
E.g. Martha Pollack (mep294), Michael Kotlikoff (mik7)
The number of students you eventually expect to be enrolled in the course at the end of the Add period.
If you expect there to be a big difference between your pre-enrollment and your predicted eventual enrollment, briefly explain why. This information is necessary to justify assigning the correct size of room. For example, your course might include significant numbers of first-year students (undergrads, or MEng, or PhD) who did not pre-enroll.
Times and days—e.g., MoWe 8:00am-8:50am
There is a short supply of rooms during prime-time hours, but earlier and later timeslots have more availability.
Which classroom features are essential to your instructional needs? (Check all that would work)
Describe how your course will effectively use the room features you have requested.
If there is a specific room that is essential to your instructional needs, state that room number, and justify the need for that specific room. Otherwise, leave this blank; your room will be determined by the features you requested.
Let us know anything else about your request that wasn't captured by the questions above.

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