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Teaching Resources

Looking for resources to improve your class? MTEI offers assistance with forming student groups in courses. We also can provide information and pointers for course design and planning, exams and grading, course syllabi, and Academic Integrity. We even have a lending library of books on teaching.

Group Work

Group work can be tricky to implement. How do students form groups? How do they hold each other accountable? Here are two tools that help:

  • MTEI supports GroupEng, a free open-source software tool for assigning students to groups for projects or assignments. It was written specifically to help instructors follow education research guidelines for improving student, and especially minority, performance in group project based classwork. It allows instructors to think at an abstract level about what properties they want student groups to have; GroupEng handles the details of optimizing the groups to meet those criteria. Contact Kathy Dimiduk for assistance with running GroupEng.
  • CATME is a research-based web tool for group formation and peer assessment. It is not free.

Course Design and Planning

Information and links:

Exams and Grading

Information and links:


Information and links:

Academic Integrity

Information and links:

  • The Dean of Faculty website maintains the official policies on Academic Integrity at Cornell. Instructors should familiarize themselves with these guidelines on Primary Hearings, penalties, and appeals.
  • See the “Syllabus” directory of our Box folder, which includes a document with tips on writing an Academic Integrity statement in your syllabus.
  • In light of changes to the academic environment with the advent of broadly available Generative Artificial Intelligence, the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs put together some additional advice about how to reduce academic integrity issues, and how to address issues when they arise.

Lending Library

MTEI has a library of books on teaching that faculty can borrow. See the “Lending Library” directory of our Box folder.