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Final Course Evaluations, Fall 2023

Here’s what you need to know about final course evaluations for Fall 2023.

Custom free-response questions: You can add up to four custom free-response questions to your course’s evaluation. To do so, contact your department course coordinator by whatever deadline they have established. We provide some ideas below.

If students ask where to go: If students have lost the emailed link for the evaluation, send them to the CourseEval website. They can fill it out there without needing the link.

Evaluations open: Monday, November 27, noon.

Evaluations close: Thursday, December 7, 11:59 pm.

Student participation lists: Available from the CourseEval website.

Bookmark our course evaluation page to find information like this easily in the future.

Ideas for custom free-response questions

Feel free to further customize the questions below to get the most actionable information for your own course.

  • What was the most difficult topic in the course for you? What made it difficult?
  • What were the three most interesting topics, and three least interesting topics?
  • What did you think of some new thing I tried?
  • What were the learning objectives for the course, in your own words?
  • How effective was this course in helping you meet those learning objectives?
  • How did you study for the exams?
  • How did you use the textbook for this course?
  • What was missing from the course that would have helped your learning?
  • What skills do you feel like you strengthened in this course?
  • What hints would you give next year’s students about this course?
  • If you have lectures:
    • What was most valuable from lectures?
    • How would you suggest improving the {organization, clarity, presentation} of the lectures?
    • Which lectures did not leave you with at least one idea that you wanted to remember?
    • What were some “a-ha” moments you had during lecture?
    • How did you use the posted lecture notes/slides?
  • If you have discussion sections:
    • Did discussion sections increase your understanding of the course material? Why or why not?
    • Did the discussion section leader make good use of the time spent in section?
  • If you have a course project:
    • What do you wish you knew about the course project earlier in the semester?
    • Were the intermediate deadlines for the course project well timed for your project?
    • Did you receive sufficient feedback on your project proposal/draft/plan to know if and how to modify your plan?
    • Were discussions with your group on the course project valuable in helping you understand and engage with the project effectively?
    • Did the size of your group seem about right for the course project?
    • Would you have preferred to work on the project individually or with a partner or group?
    • What part of the course project took the most time?
    • Is there any part of the project directions that wasn’t clear?