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Cornell University

Support for Your Classroom

We’ve compiled the phone numbers, links, and resources you need in a convenient classrooom support guide. Bookmark it today so that you have quick access when needed.

If your class is in progress and you need immediate IT or A/V help:

* Bard, Carpenter, Gates, Hollister, Kimball, Olin, Phillips, Snee, Thurston, and Upson Halls.

Meanwhile, if you are waiting for help to arrive, you have options about how best to use the time.

First, consider what instruction can still occur. Perhaps there are announcements to be made, problems to review on the board, or questions to answer.

Second, keep a light heart and a sense of humor. Your students might appreciate the few minutes of relief in the middle of their day, and they certainly are glad they aren’t the one dealing with trouble in real time! Part of their education for the day could be seeing how you handle these setbacks with grace, and learning from your example.

Finally, if there is material you didn’t get to cover, you have plenty of choices:

  • Record a quick, one-take Zoom video and post it for the class.
  • Ask TAs to cover it in recitation.
  • Point students to the reading that covers it.
  • Punt it to the next lecture.
  • Delay it until a catch-up slot you have scheduled.
  • Skip it this semester.