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Cornell University

Save the Date: ETD’24

Save the date: Engineering Teaching Day August 14th, 2024

Join colleagues this August for a day of conversations and workshops about teaching at the third annual engineering teaching day. RSVP here. Topics include:

Working with TAs

TAs can be a vital component of a successful course. Do you wonder whether your course is making the most effective use of the TAs’ value? Come to this workshop to learn about college TA training, expectations TAs have when they join course staff, and best practices to build an effective, engaged, collaborative teaching team.

Incorporating Social and Ethical Issues in Technical Courses

Are you considering including relevant ethics content in your courses but struggling with the implementation? This session will introduce several strategies for doing so, and highlight the kinds of support available from the Engineering Ethics Program.

Inclusive Assessments: Strategies for Active Learning with Accommodations

Learn how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be used to create inclusive grading strategies that support student learning, accommodations, and growth. Join a discussion with colleagues to share successes, challenges, and best practices for implementing inclusive assessments in your Active Learning classrooms.

Belonging-Centered Instruction: Convincing Students We’re on the Same Team

Do faculty-student interactions sometimes feel adversarial in your courses? That can create unnecessary stress, and isn’t productive for students or faculty. This session introduces belonging-centered instruction techniques that address common challenges in interpersonal interactions and instructional design.

Leveraging Generative AI in Your Courses

Are you wondering if you can use AI to answer “it’s in the syllabus” type student questions, create study guides or generate practice opportunities, or assist in grading assignments? In this workshop we will explore how to use generative AI inside and outside the classroom.