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Mid-Semester Course Feedback, Fall 2023

Mid-semester course feedback gives students an opportunity to provide you with anonymous feedback. As always, the goal is to get you actionable information, without taking your time to create, run, and process the survey. If you want to encourage participation by including the survey as part of an assignment or by giving credit for its completion, MTEI can provide a list of participants. Your course can use the standard mid-semester survey form, or MTEI can customize the form for your course.


The tentative schedule for opening and closing of surveys is on our website.

Courses Included

In AEP, BME, CEE, CBE, CS, ECE, MAE, MSE, ORIE, and SYSEN all regular courses will be included. The following courses will be included only by request: seminar, independent study, research, and short courses.

In BEE, EAS, INFO, and STSCI, courses will be included only by request of the instructor or department.

Survey Forms

Our standard survey form is applicable to most lecture-type STEM classes. We also have survey forms for seminars, labs, and practicums that we use for those formats. And, we can prepare a customized survey form to address your course’s needs: if you are trying something new or teaching a new course and would like specific feedback on a topic, we can add or revise questions. Email Kathy Dimiduk to request customization.